Point B maintains a full-service media department to oversee and execute all media research, planning, negotiation, and placement. Our media experts manage print, interactive, outdoor, and broadcast placements and are exceptionally versed in identifying highly targeted marketing vehicles.


Media Planning

You know where you want to go. We'll show you how to get there with a strategy based on a thorough understanding of the attitudes and perceptions of key stakeholders and target audiences. At Point B, qualitative and quantitative research guides every aspect of our marketing strategy, allowing us to develop tactics that will help you move the needle.


Print marketing is instant, compelling, and effective. Whether it's a consumer or trade magazine ad, paid space in a tradeshow guide, or even a company newsletter, the power of great print communication to connect with your audience can't be discounted.


In an age of ever-increasing media fragmentation, Out of Home (OOH) advertising is more relevant and compelling than ever. OOH reaches people no matter how they consume their media, making them stop, notice, and buy. At Point B, we integrate exceptional OOH with other media to give your message greater amplification, ensuring that they're seen by a broad audience, providing memorable impact wherever your consumers are.


We love bringing stories to life. From commercials that strengthen your brand to social videos that intrigue and inspire, we mix sound strategy with impactful creative visualization to produce video content that cuts through the clutter to deliver definitive results for your business.


The difference between direct mail and 'junk' mail is the strength of the creativity and thinking behind it. At Point B, we love the challenge of creating direct mail pieces that grab and hold consumers' attention. From postcards to buck slips, sales flyers to targeted promotional mailings, we take the direct approach to creating attention-getting marketing materials.


Whether you're looking to bolster awareness, build trust, or drive conversion, our digital campaigns reach your targets with incredible accuracy. Whether it's static banner ads or video, PPC or programmatic, we have the in-house capability and know-how to develop digital campaigns that drive action.

Media Buying

We crunch the numbers. We make the buys. We get you out where you need to be seen. Our plans are organized by market segment and detailed budget allocations for each medium. They also illustrate the timing of each initiative and in-market coverage for each media vehicle. These plans are updated weekly to ensure that we're working with timely information regarding budget status, committed vs. non- committed purchases, and upcoming reservation and material deadlines.


Everything we do ties to transparent ROI. We utilize a real-time dashboard that details marketing activity and performance data of all digital marketing, such as digital display advertising, paid social media, and e-newsletter marketing. Based on that performance, we make optimizations and recommend plan alterations to ensure ongoing improvements.


Point B provides a customized reporting dashboard that offers real-time data to our clients. From day one, you'll be given the keys to a digital dashboard, which will allow you to see the same performance data we do – in real-time! So, you won't have to wait a month, a week, or even a day to see how your campaign is doing. Our dashboard can be modified so that you can see the information that matters most to you in the format you choose. We will break down the results of your entire digital marketing program so that you can view traffic, keyword rankings, and revenue generation, etc. Every week we're watching your campaign to assess performance and find opportunities for improvement. Even if things are going great, they can always go better.