Inspirational Eats – Cooking For Creativity

December 2021
By Sarah Foote

As a lifelong artist and hobbyist, "making things" has always played a large part in how I spend my free time. In my adult life, especially over the past year and a half, cooking has become a natural extension of that creative energy. 

Recently, I've begun to appreciate the simple nature and aesthetic sensibility of cooking. Food is the most fundamental of needs for our survival, and almost every major event in our lives revolves around it. Beyond that, it's an exercise in mindfulness when we are present and intentional in the act. No wonder it's said that the only two jobs of a Zen monk that are more important than sitting zazen (meditation) are cooking and cleaning. The selection of ingredients, how they work together, and their overall presentation work together to make the meal. I find this a satisfying correlation to the design process and a new avenue by which we can approach our work as creatives. 

Just like design, cooking requires understanding interconnectedness and harmonies. Anyone can mix and match two sets of ingredients together, but not everyone can cook. Likewise, not everyone can create a successful design without a similar sensibility for aesthetic pairings and intention. This mindfulness lies at the heart of the creative process regardless of what we do or what medium we use.

So, whenever design starts to feel stale, whip up some fresh inspiration by practicing a little mindfulness in the kitchen. The resulting delicious meal won't hurt either :)