Chicago’s First Lady

The unique relationship between Chicago’s First Lady and the Chicago Architecture Center has made their Architecture Cruise the preeminent tour in Chicago. Yet, with a wide range of competitors offering cheaper but inferior product, the CAFC River Cruise needed to develop a brand identity and marketing plan that would grab the imagination of visitors and locals alike.

We had to find a way to stand out among the competition and using trend data and social media listening we determined the long term sustainable advantages apparent for the attraction. We developed a new brand that defines what they stand for and separated and elevated them from their competition. We also developed a comprehensive media strategy that increased awareness and ticket sales.

Attraction attendance improved 29% in 2019 (vs 2018).

Chicago’s First Lady website visits have increased by 15% from 2018 - 2019.

Online ticket sales have improved by 31% from 2018 - 2019.

Paid Facebook/Instagram maintained an impressive 3.46% CTR over the course of 2019.